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Welcome to Yoga Plus!

We are grateful that you have chosen to begin your yoga journey with us.

Our philosophy is to help each student live a life balancing body, mind and spirit. Practicing yoga helps to achieve this balance by combining physical poses, breathing techniques and meditation.

Our mission is to create a relaxing, calming environment so that you may find your inner peace, and enjoy the many benefits yoga has to offer. We teach our students breathing techniques so that they will be able to focus on inner peace at any moment throughout the day. This allows you to be calm, relaxed and centered. This will, in turn, keep you at peace and bring peace to those around you.

Developing a yoga practice is a continuous journey; it is not an overnight process. We are dedicated to helping each individual develop their practice. We strive to help our students not only in class, but at home as well by helping our students develop a home yoga practice.

As you begin practicing yoga, you will notice the many benefits that yoga has to offer. Those benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

Improves Physical Health

Mental Clarity and Function

Improves Mobility & Flexibility

Boosts Energy

Reduces Stress & Fatigue

Weight Loss

Postural Improvement

Improves Concentration


Emotional Balance

Speeds Up Metabolism

Increases Confidence

 Strengthens Immune System

Increases Patience

Enhances Sports Performance

Breath Awareness

Relaxes The Body & Mind

Improves Digestion

Improves Sleep

Elevates Your Mood

Tones Muscles & Increases Strength

Lowers Blood Pressure

Improves Circulation

Promotes Clear, Focused Thinking



"When your mind, which has been tossed about by conflicting opinions,
becomes still and centered in equilibrium, then you experience Yoga."
~The Bhagavad Gita 2:53

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